Why I Prefer Natural Light Photography

Updated: May 8, 2020

I prefer to use natural light in the photos that I take because I like to capture the essence of the moment, and I feel that using photographic lighting tends to remind the viewer that they're looking at a photo. I do on occasion use photographic lighting, though less than 10% of my photos utilize it.

One of my biggest inspirations for lighting is the film Into the Wild, because of the natural lighting, in most of, if not the entire film. I enjoy the challenge of lighting a scene with ambient light sources whether it is a desk lamp, candle, headlight, sunlight, or even a cell phone in the dark lighting up the face of the person sending a text. Natural/ambient light provides a more sentimental connection to the viewer, and when I see a portrait with natural light, I tend to observe the details of that photograph.

If you happen to know anyone in Concord CA, or the California Bay Area who is looking for San Francisco Bay Area portraits, or anyone in the Bay Area goth scene who might be looking for Bay Area goth portraits, feel free to contact me or send them my way and together we can make memories with a difference!

Thank you for reading my blog, and if anything I've said resonates with you, feel free to share a post with your friends and family.

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